About us

I help people who are concerned about their diet understand and use the macrobiotic way as wisely as possible.

Although I study and analyse everything that has to do with macrobiotics, in practise, I move away from the radical versions of it.

I have my own approach that I use in consultations with my patients as well as in the creation of my products. In my approach, you will find the knowledge that comes from vintage macrobiotics, the proposals of some of the second-wave teachers, and my own studies as a dietitian.


I started to be interested in the macrobiotics world in 2009 because of its philosophy and the way I felt after eating a plain meal that consisted of whole rice with sautéed vegetables. When I started to eat “only” the macrobiotics way I spent a week feeling symptoms (gas, swollen fingers, loss of appetite), but after that first week I felt lucid and happy to be alive – a feeling that I had not experienced since I was a child. From that moment on, I kept on living the macrobiotic way. After several months, I lost around 22 pounds (10 kg), I was cold and I could not carry out intense or prolonged physical effort. My close friends and family began to ask me if I was feeling well. They said I looked sad and very thin, but I insisted on saying that everything was just fine (I could not realise what was going on). Back in those days, I decided I wanted to broaden my knowledge about macrobiotics and I travelled to Becket (Massachussets, USA) in order to study about it. Once I studied about it in-depth with experienced teachers, I realised what I was doing wrong. What I am trying to do through this blog is to show you how to go on a macrobiotic diet without experiencing any kind of weakness as I did.

To become a macrobiotics expert, I studied at the Kushi Institute in Becket, Massachussets (USA) and at the Spanish Macrobiotics Institute. Moreover, I did an internship in centres such as Cuisine et Santè (France), International Macrobiotic School (England) and Kushi Institute of Europe (The Netherlands).

In 2018 I finished the Diagnosis and Nutrition Health Coach Training Program directed by teacher John Kozinski. It represents his best and most complete training program, in which he proposes a new approach that he calls Full Spectrum Macrobiotics.

I am an accredited dietitian, graduated in Psychology, and also in Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy.

Currently, I work as a nutrition and health consultant in Sha Wellness Clinic, a luxurious wellness centre on the Mediterranean coast in Spain. My work consists of 950 consultations a year, a lecture a month on healthy nutrition, and continuos menu assessment.

If you prefer reading me in Spanish, go to Macrobiótica Mediterránea.


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