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The method I will use if you decide to schedule an appointment will be the following:

  • 1st  I will send you some questionnaires that I need you to fill in for a week. This way I will get to know your current diet and health condition.
  • 2nd We will meet via Skype or Zoom, I will show you my diet proposal and I will ask you some more questions (1 hour).
  • 3rd We will have the follow up session a week later (30 min), which means the end of the consultation.

Food is undeniably helpful for any health process. Do not let it lose. Mind your diet. For more information please contact me on:



Diet therapy consists of using a diet as a way of treating an illness. There are different therapeutic diets depending on the illness that needs to be treated. Most of the therapeutic diets start from a balanced diet that is based on a reduced group of foods. Such a reduction improves the health of the person being treated.

For example:

  • Controlled carbohydrate diet: used to treat cases of diabetes
  • Controlled calorie diet: used to treat obesity
  • Low-purine diet: used to treat cases of high uric acid and gout
  • Sodium-controlled diet: used to treat in cases of high blood pressure

Vintage macrobiotics offers a very well defined model: The Standard Macrobiotic Diet (SMD). It is a model that I have studied in depth and that can be used as a therapeutic diet. It is a valid system for many health issues, but not for all of them, just like the previous examples of diets are not useful for everybody.

From the point of view of diet therapy, SMD would be defined as a diet that controls animal protein, fats and simple sugars. It is well known that a diet with such characteristics is beneficial for the following pathologies:

  • High cholesterol and high triglycerides, gallbladder and pancreatic diseases (especially with regards to controlling fats)
  • Obesity (with an emphasis on the control of fats and simple sugars)
  • Uric acid and gout (because of its low-purine levels, if we limit the legume consumption to once a week)
  • Kidney failure (because of its low proportion of animal protein)
  • Constipation (recommended because of its high fiber content foods)

When the person who comes to see me does not have the appropriate profile for a standard macrobiotic diet, I use other more inclusive approaches such as the balanced diet model presented by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (8th edition). I, even so, keep using macrobiotic logic in order to complete the different steps that shape the diet consultation.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment for the design of a therapeutic diet based on SMD, or on a more inclusive approach, depending on your condition, do not hesitate to ask for information on:

Once the consultation process is over, you will have the chance to access original MS materials so that you can broaden your knowledge about it. They are what I call “second level contents”. Some of these products are free, others are not.


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